What do you mean “survive healthcare”

Thousands of people will be a patient in any given hospital on any given day in any city USA. Surviving healthcare simply put means you get to go home. I am going to be frank on this site and tell you the truth. That means you may read something you do not want to know. You may be challenged or offended. To be perfectly clear I have no wish to offend anyone or to have anything I write be used as an excuse to not seek needed treatment. That said I won’t lie and I probably won’t sugar coat things enough to keep everyone happy. If you don’t really want to know stick to web md.

Survival tips for being a patient:

  1. Everyone washes their hands where you can see them or they don’t touch you or anything going into your body.
  2. Bring with you an accurate list of your medications – all of them even the supplements – with your allergies and what that allergic reaction looks like/feels like
  3. Bring paper and pen and write down the name of everyone you speak to
  4. Write down the questions you have for your doctor. If you can’t do that bring an inexpensive cell phone with you and call a friend or family member when the doctor is in the room and put them on speaker. Then if you miss something your partner heard it. If you forgot a question they can ask it.
  5. Know who is in charge: Who is your attending physician, unless they say something don’t be overly freaked out. Mid-levels known as Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP) and resident physicians may not have all the information and the plan is fluid. Expect changes.
  6. Do not take medication if the person giving it to you does not ask for your name and date of birth first. ASK WHAT THEY ARE GIVING YOU AND WHAT IT IS FOR. If it seems weird to you say something before you take it.
  7. Nothing ever happens on time – being told you will have to wait is a good thing it means they don’t expect you to die! When they hurry worry.
  8. Being kept without food and drink is really for your safety. If you eat or drink you could end up with food or liquid in your lungs and develop pneumonia and die.
  9. If you are a regular drinker (even moderately) tell them the truth about it. If you take recreational drugs tell them the truth about it. Let’s say just don’t lie to us it could kill you and we are bound by law not to tattle on you.
  10. The squeaky wheel goes home. Ask questions politely. Use your call bell all the time. Treat your nurses well because they stand between you and death. Read that again. Ignore nothing that worries you because you are the expert on your health.

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